A good smartphone has always been a truly innovative and top performing display.Curved screens are a very important and major innovation in Smartphone display.The display screen is absolutely stunning and displays lively colours.Various kind of display ,like as TFT,LCD,AMOLED.High range Price phone always give better display like as Super AMOLED.
     Touch screen becomes one of the popular medium as a display and also as an input device for Next Gen mobile sets. Using stylus feature an user can control the input functionality of the device like multi finger gesture. This new function totally decreases the bar-phone mobile market. Now users prefer all display set, less keys on the phone is better. Touchscreens popularly used in PC’s, gaming consoles, tablets, ATMs etc. Many different methods are used to make the touch screen work. Those are Resistive, Surface acoustic wave, Capacitive, Infrared grid, Infrared acrylic projection, Optical imaging, Dispersive signal technology, Acoustic pulse recognition etc.

     Body ratio depends on touch Display.If display is AMOLED then body ratio will increass.But if display is TFT then body ratio will decrease.We can say High range smartphone always give more body ratio.but low range smartphone are less body ratio.
     Display resolution usually quoted as width × height.Maximun smartphone give resolution 1280 × 720.Its a common resolution.But highrange smartphone resolution always more.some middlerange smartphone give also more resolution.It depends on display type. Display resolution is usually used to mean pixel dimensions.The display resolution would be given in pixel per inch (PPI).

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