Operating system (OS) that manages Smartphone hardware.The first version of Android 1.0 was released in September,2008 and the most recent version Android 7.0 Nougat, released in August,2016.Google is continually developed by Android operating system.

     Graphics processing unit is called GPU.Its also called called visual processing unit (VPU).Modern GPUs are very efficient. it can be embedded on the Central processing unit or motherboard. Graphics processing unit (GPU) was popularized by Nvidia in 1999. GeForce 256 is the the world's first Graphics processing unit (GPU).It also marketed by Nvidia.Now a days smartphone use it for Graphics.Graphics processing unit presented like as single-chip processor with integrated.

     Processor increasing overall speed for programs amenable to parallel computing.You may know, dual-core,quad-core,octa-core,deca-core,hexa-core.Cores may or may not share caches but they may implement message passing inter-core communication methods. Multi-core systems include only identical cores.But multi-core systems may implement architectures. Multi-core processor depends very much on the software algorithms.

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